James Olson

About Me

I am a Full Stack Software Engineer with over 13 years of experience working on high traffic enterprise grade applications. I have a passion for elegant code; I do not cut corners. I take pride in my work and bring that passion and dedication to every project I work on whether it big or small. My favorite aspect of programming is taking a wild idea and turning it into a reality that is used by millions of people every day. I’m very passionate about keeping up with industry trends. I spend my free time with my family and 1 year old son. I also enjoy DIY projects around the house and spending time outdoors and in the garage.


Lead Engineer
Guild Education
  • Built and maintained a Reimbursement Application using React and Ruby on Rails. The app allows the organization to process millions of dollars in reimbursement for students taking courses through Guild's network of education providers. Each employer can customize the forms students submit to receive their reimbursements. The app also included an admin where an internal team reviewed and processed the requests.
  • Built and maintained a Tuition Toolkit Application using React. The app allows employers to explain their education benefit to their employees. Each employer can easily customize their content.
  • Built and maintained a node micro service that generates PDF documents or CSV files from JSON.
  • Built and maintained an internal SPA Authentication Library used across all react apps in the organization. The library included a wrapper to implement Auth0 using a context provider and a react hooks api.
  • Built and maintained an internal React starter template. The project included typescript, webpack, apollo graphql, jest, react testing library, cypress, prettier, eslint, and auth0. Using this template helps teams start new projects quickly as well as implement best practices and consistency across the organization.
Senior Engineer
  • Built high value products that helped boost sales and revenue
  • Engineered micro services using Node on AWS and Heroku
  • Implemented Continuous Delivery using CircleCi
  • Implemented Angular and React design systems to improve velocity and code reusability
  • Implemented bug fixes and new features in our Salesforce Managed package
  • Built large single page apps using both Angular and React
  • Mentored other engineers through pair programming and code reviews
  • Groomed tickets and estimated work effort
  • Monitored system health and performance
  • UX reviews
  • Product road map planning
Director of Research and Development
  • Defined the development life cycle
  • Set code standards
  • Code reviews
  • Wrote technical documentation
  • UX reviews
  • Mentored engineers
  • Project estimation
  • Lead new technology initiatives
  • Developed cutting edge products
  • Optimized and refactored legacy code
  • Monitored system health
Web Developer
Tomlin Nicks
  • Built and maintained several e-commerce websites
  • Created and managed several email marketing campaigns
  • Tracked online sales and performance
  • Custom CMS driven websites
  • Custom design services
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Built custom photography template website platform
  • Built online business platform for a nonprofit

University Of Colorado Denver
  • Degree in Business Management
  • Phi Chi Theta co-ed professional business fraternity