Photo for Roy 2008

Roy 2008

Our trip in 2008 to Roy, New Mexico ...

Photo for Montrose 2007

Montrose 2007

Our trip in 2007 to Montrose, Colorado

Photo for Holy Cross 2006

Holy Cross 2006

Our trip in October 2006 to Holy Cross in Colorado ...

Photo for Carnage Canyon 2006

Carnage Canyon 2006

Our trip in June 2006 to Carnage Canyon in Buena Vista, Colorado ...

Photo for Grand Junction 2006

Grand Junction 2006

Our trip in March 2006 to Grand Junction, Colorado ...

Photo for Left Hand Canyon early 2000's

Left Hand Canyon early 2000's

Pictures from old Left Hand Canyon in Boulder in the early 2000's ...

Photo for Carnage Canyon 2005

Carnage Canyon 2005

Our trip in 2005 to Carnage Canyon near Buena Vista, Colorado ...