James Olson

James is a graduate of the University of Colorado with a degree in business management. After college, he worked for a small advertising company that focused on the Real Estate Industry where his main focus was on web advertising and email campaigns.

In 2008, James joined booj as a member of the Deployment team and quickly moved through the ranks to become the lead front-end developer. In 2012, he was named the Director of Research & Development where he continues to push the envelope of new web technologies.

Posts by James Olson

Photo for Useful JavaScript Snippets

Useful JavaScript Snippets

I can't remember everything so, I've posted a bunch of JavaScript snippets I constantly use and refe...

Photo for Bootstrap 3 Grid Columns Clearing

Bootstrap 3 Grid Columns Clearing

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Photo for High DPI Images

High DPI Images

Source Files Create High DPI/Retina images without using backgound images and without loading l...

Photo for Ouray 2013

Ouray 2013

Our trip in 2013 to Ouray, Coloardo [gallery-ouray-2013]